Business Planning

Start Up Vision Board

Do you have a Business idea that GEL's? 

Are you Good at it?

Do you Enjoy doing it? 

Will it give you the Lifestyle you want? 

If you answered Yes! to all of the questions above, it's time to start the planning process!

The Start Up Vision Board will help you ask and answer the tough questions about your business idea. It will help you organize your thoughts about your business idea into 6 Categories to get you started with the planning process! 

1. Product/Service - What are the different kinds of services you will sell? Describe in detail and group into categories where possible.

2. Value - Why will customers buy your products or services? What are the needs of your customers? Think about logical and emotional needs here. 

3. Customer - Who will buy your products or services? Describe in detail and group into categories where possible. Include demographics, behaviours, psychographics and geographics. 

4. Competition - Who are your competitors? Research and describe their strengths and weaknesses in detail.

5. People On Your Team - Who does what in your business? What are their skillset? How will you best utilize their skillset? 

6. Finance - What are your start up costs? Write down your cashflow projections. 

Get started by downloading your fillable copy of the Start Up Vision Board 


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See what Nicole ~ DragonFly Naturals ~ has to say about working with a Community Futures Business Advisor.

”As a complete newbie to the business scene, Community Futures walked me through the buying  process in a way that welcomed all questions, big and small, explaining as the experience unfolded. I was always in the information loop and felt safely guided through a potentially overwhelming landscape.”  ~ Nicole Dubuc


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