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Request for Proposals - Workshop Trainers

Community Futures Development Corporation of the North Cariboo is seeking proposals to provide training to Community Futures clients.

Training will provide information and skills development for prospective entrepreneurs, business owners and managers, not-for-profit managers, board members and employees.

CF will offer regular training in the following months:

  • September through November
  • January through May

Where it is necessary or appropriate, contractors may choose (in consultation with CF) to offer training outside of the regular training season.

Contractors may set the times for their specific workshops. Contractors are encouraged to consider the availability of their target markets. For example, owners and employees of larger organizations prefer attending workshops/seminars during work hours; self-employed individuals without staff support can only attend outside of working hours.

Training may be delivered in different formats depending on the topic - i.e.:

  • Workshops - include a strong application/practice component
  • Presentations - information provision with limited or no application/practice
  • Q&A Sessions - non-structured question and answer sessions

Workshops/seminars will be postponed or cancelled up to 24 hours before the planned time where registration fees are insufficient to cover Contractor fees.

Request for Proposals

Proposed contractors are required to complete an application and outline of their proposed workshop/seminar using a standard CF format.

Quality Control:

It is important that CF (as much as possible) develop a consistent brand for training/workshops. This means that workshops/presentations should be consistent in price, format and quality. Accordingly, CF will:

  • Have set/fixed prices for workshops/seminars of various lengths
  • Provide consistent and accurate information on marketing materials to ensure that participants know what to expect from the workshop/presentation
  • Provide CF "covers" for training materials
  • Provide training/support to contractors in order to encourage consistent learning experiences
  • Evaluate contractor performance (see Assessment)


CF Staff will administer a standard workshop/seminar assessment at the end of each session. Contractors will be provided with the results, including a comparison to other contractors. CF may, at its option discontinue the use of contractors where assessments are weak.

Workshop/Presentation Marketing:

All workshops and seminars will be marketed by CF as follows:

  • Direct e-mails - currently 471 local individuals "opted-in"
  • Boosted Facebook posts with $50 boost
  • Monthly business mail drop

Contractors are responsible for providing CF with written marketing materials and graphics/pictures using CF-supplied template.

Contractors are encouraged to use their own resources/networks to provide additional marketing efforts.

Workshop and Presentation Contractor Rate Schedule:

Contractor            $125 per instructional hour

Bonus                  50% of registration fees after 10 participants

Q&A Session Contractor Rate Schedule:

There is not a contractor rate for Q&A Sessions. These sessions are offered free of charge.

Request for Proposal Process:

For any questions, please contact Elizabeth, Business Training Coordinator, at 250-992-2322. Please email all completed applications to elizabeth@cfquesnel.com.

Applications will be reviewed as received on an ongoing basis. Community Futures staff will contact you for an interview to discuss your proposal on receipt of your application.


Workshop/Presentation Topics:

CF is interested in delivering training that supports business and/or community economic development. It is expected that local content experts are best-positioned to identify the workshops/presentations they are qualified to deliver. Accordingly, CF will consider any workshop/presentation topics that are consistent with CF's mission.

Possible Topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship/Business Development: Self-Assessment; Sector-Specific Opportunities - i.e. LNG; 3-D Printing; Idea Generation; Importing/Exporting
  • Business Succession: Planning for Succession; Business Valuation; Selling a Business
  • Marketing: Market Research; Branding, Advertising, Promotion, Marketing Planning; Social Media; Retail Display; Earned Media
  • Business Law: Intellectual Property; Getting Incorporated; Contracts; Partnership Agreements
  • Finance/Accounting: Basic Bookkeeping, Understanding Financial Statements; Ratio Analysis; Credit and Collections; Cash Flow Management; Sources of Financing; Pricing and Costing Your Product
  • Strategic/Business Planning: Business Planning; Development/Expansion; Optimizing Tax Benefits; Analysis of Customer/Staff Behaviour
  • Human Resources: Recruitment and Retention; Personnel Law; Managing Staff Performance: Motivation; Criticism; Delegation; Performance Review; Bullying and Harassment; Employment Standards
  • Sales: Customer Service; Closing a Sale; Selling Skills; Communication Skills
  • Computer/Technical Skills: Excel; Word; Internet Skills: Business Writing
  • Non-Profit: Board Development; Proposal Writing; Governance
  • Operations: Planning; Business Law; Tax Agencies; Inventory Control
  • Personal Development: Time Management; Public Speaking; Communication; Negotiation; Personal Finance; Conflict Management; Leadership
  • Train the Trainer: Presentation skills; Adult Education

Contractors are encouraged to consider a series of workshops in a specific topic area where appropriate.



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